NCT U – 7th Sense

So SM has debuted a new boy group, well you got a sample of some of the members. The new boy group kind of reminds me Berryz Koubou original idea as to rotate the members (it was including the members of °C-ute). In this video we see five of the members and I would be satisfy with just this five because to be honest, I would have a hard time following if the members change constantly like AKB48 does. Seriously it’s hard to really fall in love with a group and watch them group if members rotate out to often that you find yourself saying, “Who is this? Was they in the group before?”

Now onto the song, I love love love the song. I didn’t watch any the reactions as I know some of them SM Stan so hard that they may be overdoing how “good” a group is if it comes from a major company. When I was watching the music video I was happy to see them out of the box but realize it only partially out of the box as they was inside something else like a clear box or trap in between walls shape like a mini box. I guess an SM video isn’t SM without a box.


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