Babymetal’s Karate PV release

So Babymetal finally release a music video (promotional video in Japan) to their single Karate off their new album Metal Resistance. I have been listening to the single since its release at the end of last month and have been waiting for the music video to be release. The girls look great in this video. SU-METAL is actually dancing and not just standing around holding a mic. I loved the masks the girls are wearing in the music video with their “ghost style” going on. I would totally love if they come out on stage with those on and then jumped right into Megitsune. Just with like with One Ok Rock back in October, I’m once again driving 6 hours just to see them live. I saw them live at Rock on The Range but as you know, it was only 5 songs and not a main stage. So when they was touring the US again (starting in May) I went ahead and bought two tickets (my poor friend is getting drag for free) and VIP upgrades to enjoy this experienced.  Support Babymetal and pre-order the album from iTunes.


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