I Hate You Made Me Wait….

So the queens are back with their new title song Hate. Seriously the teasers had me so pumped for this comeback. Imagine my disappointment when the song was getting release at 12pm KST. That means I had to wait until 10pm EST in order to watch the music video. Best to believe I did wait so I could watch the music video right when it was released.

So what are my thoughts of the song before reviewing the music video…Well let’s just say, the chorus didn’t really didn’t get me pumped.  As majority of 4minute fans know, their contract with CUBE expires this year and there is no word on whether they will be renewing their contract. At the beginning of the song, it sounded so awesome. Gayoon starts off the song slowly and then we move on to Hyuna’s part. Hyuna’s lines has been used in the preview so we kind of familiar with her parts. I loved the buildup of the song but the drop was like WTF. While I may be playing this song on repeat, I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed with the dropped. It sounded so out of place when I first heard it. When we saw the second teaser of the music video, I thought the buildup that was used was going to be the chorus…seriously the choreography fit.  Overall the song is awesome but if I was rating this on my playlist, I would just give it a 3.5 stars our of 5 mainly because the chorus wasn’t my favorite.

So I love each looks the girls were given in the music video. We start off with Gayoon in her bride outfit (picture above) in a garden of roses. We also get to see her wearing all black, I wonder if this represents the beginning and the end of the relationship. Then we moved on to Hyuna in the desert looking awesome in her sunglasses. On a side note, I feel like Hyuna and Jessie from Lucky J bought their glasses from the same shop. In the music video No Love by Lucky J, I feel like Jessie was like, “Here you can borrow Unnie’s glasses.” Then we moved onto Leader Jihyun’s part where she is trapped in the middle of a bunch of yarn. There is so many representations in this music video. You can think of it as a heart or maybe that she is trapped inside…and Jihyun…you look beautiful throughout this music video. We moved on to youngest scenes where she is breaking it down in the buildup. Next we moved onto to the chorus. Now while I wasn’t too happy with the chorus, I will say the parts filmed for it was well done. When you asked people what does red present, they may say love or anger to represent that emotion.

Next we moved on to Jiyoon looking fierce in her outfit. I love her look (including the curly hair…maybe it’s because I’m getting closer to my 30’s that “older hairstyles” look good to me). We then go back to Jihyun who looks like an angelic doll. That was the best look ever for Jihyun. Seriously, I’m find myself watching her more than my bias (who is Hyuna). Gayoon sings the build up and we see her in red and as well as black and white. I like how they used a white background but put the X’s in red.  We then bring the song back down with the girls posing by the car before it focuses on Hyuna for the buildup. I like how the girls’ clothes was baggy in the last scene but still was able to rock it. I’m happy that iTunes (US Store) actually had the 4Minute able in the store…normally it takes a month or more to get CUBE releases. I will totally be checking out their mini album since I loved the other previews. Support 4Minute by buying the album at YesAsia or download it digitally through iTunes.

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