Top 10 Songs of 2015

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted mainly due to work and going back to school full-time in order to be license. Today I’m bringing you my top favorite K-pop songs of 2015.

10.  Get Out of My House (ft. Kwon Jungyeol of 10cm) – Hyuna

Looking back at my playlist, I noticed this song has stayed on my favorites playlist since it was release in August. When I get a new album, I normally add the entire album to my playlist and delete the songs I really don’t listen to after a while. While Hyuna’s comeback this year was great, I found myself listening to this track more than the title. I wish Hyuna had a chance to perform the song more than once.

9. If You – Big Bang

What, a Big Bang song has made it on my list???? Seriously, I have never really been a Big Bang fan and thought they would never catch my attention again (except for G-Dragon cause he’s just awesome) unless they release Fantastic Baby pt 2 (which they basically did). I feel in love with this song on first listen. I love Daesung’s vocals in this song. Dea just coming in strong at the start of the 2nd verse and hearing it live back in October was just splendid!!!!!

8.  Catch Me If You Can – Girls’ Generation

Yep you are not seeing things, a Girls’ Generation song has made it into my top faves. Like with Big Bang, never been a Girls’ Generation fan but I like a song here and there. Main issue of never really being a fan was because I didn’t get into them when they debuted and just stuck with the Wonders. Like with Big Bang, I thought they won’t ever release another song that I can really get into like Gee but then Catch Me If You Can was release and it was AWESOME and seeing it live at K-CON NY (along with Gee) was great. I feel like I should be fist bumping in the club when this song comes on.

7. Run – BTS

I recently started getting into BTS back when In the Mood for Love Pt 1. was release. I first came across BTS when War of Hormones was released. Did really pay much attention until I Need U came out. Since them, I have learned who the members are and watch some of their appearances on variety shows. Run had only came out toward the end of November and they just recently ended their promotions so for it to make my top 10 lists within a short period of time is amazing. One thing I learned about BTS, it’s a bias killer. You can have no bias in BTS. Question: Why did V and Jin switch in the lives? V sings normally sings first (check out dance practice) and then Jin but they totally switch when they started to promote the song.

6.  Beautiful Liar – Vixx LR

So Vixx’s sub-unit duo Leo and Ravi released a mini-album backed in August. Like with BTS, I have recently started getting to Vixx late in the game. Leo is my favorite with his resting bitch face he always has on. Ravi and Leo vocals together is a good mix. I can only imagine the fanfics this song and MV generated.

5. Crazy – 4Minute

What my favorite girl group came in at number 5? Yep, while Crazy was playing on repeat forever for like a month or two, it was release earlier in the year (February) so it’s natural any new song can take over. This is the 4minute that I know and love. I wish CUBE took advantage of the popularity of song and promoted 4Minute with a new mini-album or extra song release before the end of the year like they did with BEAST but sadly it did not happen. I was also disappointed not seeing 4Minute or any cube artist not going to K-CON 2015.

4. Hello Bi+ches – CL

Yes Bitches, this song is HOT! I was totally digging the song and the dance when it was release. And of course they have Miss Parris choreographing the dance along with the ReQest Crew.

3. You Know (ft. Okasian) – Jay Park

Got to have some R&B on this list. Jay Park…no words can describe him. Him leaving 2PM I feel made him grow as an artist.  I could not stop listening to this song (really the whole album) on repeat for a month. One thing I have to complain about, Jay…where the is the dance scene with you and Hyuna? Teasing us with sexiness over-load on the scene and don’t even put it in the MV.

2. I Need U – BTS

This is the song that made me fell in love with BTS. Of course I saw the MV and I was like…what the hell does it have to do with the song but seeing the song live made me love the song. I think I was playing the hell out of this song from May (since I’m always slow discovering new things lol) until about September. The remix that was perform at the Melon Music Awards…I want it.


#1 Bang Bang Bang – Big Bang

So this was basically was Fantastic Baby Pt 2. When I first saw this song, I was like I “I totally need to see this live!” and it was worth seeing live. This was like THE SONG of the year. I think what made it great was the beat and how easy it was to sing along. If you have a chance to Big Bang live, go because they won’t disappoint you. Traveling to see your favorite K-POP idol is worth it.



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