Slay Girl! Slay!

Hyuna has released the music video to her title track Because I’m the Best featuring BTOB Ilhoon. I am so excited that Hyuna is back with a solo album release and have already pre-order my copy since CUBE takes FOREVER to upload any of their artist in US iTunes store.

Before the music video release, Hyuna performed the title track along with another song Ice Ice with Hwasa. Now…I will say this, I’m feeling Ice Ice more than the title track. On the original track, Hwasa isn’t actually included, it is featuring Ji-dam instead…which sucks because I was totally loving the pair on stage.

In the beginning of the music video, Hyuna has a blue-green hair going on and I totally love the look on her. I wish she would keep that hair style for her promotion period. So the first trailer we saw for Hyuna’s comeback….where the hell did those scenes go? Was more of a teaser for the photobook included with the physical copy of the album? Anyways…check out the music video below. And pre-order your physical copy of Hyuna’s new album at YesAsia.


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