BTS – For You

So the first music video I ever saw of BTS (Bangtan Boys) was War of Hormones and that was through another youtuber’s reaction. I loved the song but the only thing of BTS I really checked out was their live performances for the song. Months I came across BTS’s dance performance video. Now…I’m a sucker for dance videos because I always find myself attracted to either the weird one of the group or the dancer (both guy and girl groups). So I subscribed to their channel and when I Need U came out…it did not disappoint. Since I haven’t really checked out their Japanese stuff…because usually I don’t like when Kpop groups re-make their song (unless it’s a good re-make and it flows e.g.: Mirotic).  BTS’s For You is an adorable song and I’m glad after 3 re-makes, they have an original song for the Japanese fans. Now…I’m like 2 months behind this release but then again, I been actually going to live concerts for once. Just got to save the funds for some serious east coast travel.

Check out the music video below.

I just got to say…Rap Monster….you do love working at gas stations. In the music video I Need U, he was working at a gas station. You just need to leave that industry alone because you went from cash thrown on the ground to trash…something is not working for ya lol.


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