50 Shades of Crazy

So I meant to post this yesterday hoping I would have my physical copy of the album but oh well. February is a time of love and what better way to express some love than for my favorite Korean Girl Group 4Minute.


This is the 4Minute that I feel in love with. Not to say the previous singles where bad but it didn’t have that “repeat value” as their previous songs have. I feel like 4Minute lost their touch after Volume Up Era. I’m so glad they did 180° on us and came back with a new image. While I do love some of the songs Brave Brothers pump out with other idols group, I thought using them twice was just meh and wasn’t really their style.  I’m very satisfy with the album and enjoyed all the songs. It was nice of CUBE to make previews of these songs using clips. I would have love for Tickle Tickle Tickle to be a Music Video when they made a preview of it.

Also guys, I do have more reviews coming soon, I just got caught with work and school but look forward to a Rurouni Kenshin and Babymetal Review.


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