Whatcha Doin’ Today? Watching 4Minute’s Brand New Spanking Video that’s what!


So my favorite Korean girl group has finally made their 2014 comeback! I’m not going to lied, when I heard Brave Brothers was involved once again, I have serious doubts about this being a great comeback. The two teasers CUBE release didn’t help because I felt that it was going to be another What’s Your Name all over again. Now that the music video and song is out, I finally judge the song for myself and I must say that I actually loved it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have nothing against Brave Brothers but I felt that 4Minute lost that fierceness after Volume Up. I’m glad the with this new release totally proved me wrong.

I was browsing through the comments section on both their Youtube page and allkpop and once again I swear people either have way too high expectations of a company or just love to complain about something. I’m a Hyuna fan point blank. She was the reason why I was so excited for 4Minute to debut in 2009 because she was finally making an official comeback (star in AJ’s (aka Gikwang) music video Dancing Shoes). Hyuna was popular because she was a former Wonder Girls member. I saw the comments Hyuna is seen way too much in the music video. I don’t know if we watch the same music video but I saw Gayoon way more in the music video and I should because she was the lead vocal in this single. People complain that Jihyun didn’t get anything. Sorry, Sohyun got the same amount of lines as well as plenty of screen time as Jihyun. I don’t know when people will get that girl and guy groups are like that. Doesn’t matter what part of the world you go to, you are going to find the one member with more lines, more screen time, and more popularity. Examples: Destiny’s Child, Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, and I can go on. Now onto the music video!

The music video is very bright and colorful. The girls here are being sexy, cute, and goofy. Like I said before, I’m glad the music video and song prove me wrong as I feel in love with the song as I was expecting to be disappointed since I was too found of their comeback last year.  We got Jiyoon rapping once again in this single. I believe we haven’t heard her rap in the lead single since Mirror Mirror. Please don’t forget to support our girls when CUBE releases this mini-album on iTunes, which won’t happen until a month later so plenty of time save up *wink*


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