Tell Me Now…Why is Trouble Maker So Damn SEXY!!!!

It’s finally here, CUBE release the music video to Trouble Maker’s new single There is No Tomorrow (Now). I don’t know about you guys but I was squealing like a little girl throughout the whole music video. There was just too much sexiness that I just about exploded! Now onto the review.

The song overall I love it on the first go! I’m glad to see Hyuna got a little more lines that way her vocals won’t be completely overpower by Hyunseung’s like it was in Trouble Maker.  The sucky part about purchasing the song through iTunes, CUBE has it American fans waiting almost a WHOLE month for it to be release. I  can do 1-2 weeks but not a month, I miss when Mnet use to let people outside from Korea purchase the music because that how I was legally buying my mp3.

So we open the MV with Hyunseung w/ his ladies with a gun at his freaking crotch. ….Hyunseung have you and HyunA not learn a dang on thing since the first MV (Trouble Maker) You should NEVER sleep with you gun in the bed…especially at the crotch area. In the next scene we have Hyuna at a club with some dude trying holler!!!! Didn’t work out too well for him. Hyunseung wakes up and sends his ladies on out while Hyuna feels miserable in front of a fridge full of alcohol. Me thinks someone might be an alcoholic!

*WARNING THE REST OF THIS POST CONTAINS LOTS OF PICTURES THAT MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN….AND CRAZY HYUNSEUNG FANS!  Overall with all the alcoholic in the MV, I say CUBE was going for some sexy, trashy, alcoholic couple since Hyunseung was rolling a trailer HAHA! Although it seems Hyunseung can’t hold his alcoholic well. In one scene we got HyunA coming to see Hyunseung and they get down to business. Looks like someone was miss!  The sexy time doesn’t stop there. We got HyunA and Hyunseung having sexy time in a car as well!

I must say HyunA’s sexy outfit when she is rapping (the long red plaid coat over the black outfit) looks awesome on her. We have Hyunseung singing in the bathroom. At one point he looks in the mirror and has the face of the JOKER!!!!!! Then the camera looks somewhere else and it shows Hyunseung being shock he had a Joker moment. Hyunseung then moves his hand down his face again and reveals the Joker face once more.

It seems the 2Hyuns get bored because they decide to throw some alcoholic on some posters (very poorly done) and lite it up with a cigarette. Then we have the two dancing in the middle of two cars just drifting around them in circles. Overall I say this music video was HOT and that it was a sexiness overload for fans that we probably can not compute properly at the moment…


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