24 Hours Isn’t Enough – Ex Wonder Girls member Sunmi Returns!

Okay so this took me by surprise because I haven’t been keeping up with the K-pop world lately, just mainly with CUBE Entertainment releases. I’m so excited now that another ex-Wonder Girls (technically inactive member but it has yet to be confirm) member have return. First Hyuna with 4Minute and now Sunmi debuting as a solo artist. At first I didn’t even recognize her for the mere fact it’s been 3 years since she was last active! Now onto the song!

Now the digital single will be release on August 26, 2013 so it should be available in your local iTunes store soon! I’m completely in love with the song. It a great song for Sunmi to comeback with and it’s also quite mature showing how one of younger members has mature into a beautiful young woman. The song is about how 24 hours isn’t enough to be with the person they love and they want more time.  In the music video we have Sunmi sitting with her legs all curled up to her body after she set the table clock. In the music video we see flashbacks of her time with the person she is with. We also have Sunmi and her backup dancers dancing in front of a red background. During the bridge we have Sunmi and a male dancer do a duet  (kind of like a ballet performance) in lightly lit, dark background where her outfit turns black and her is wet. I like the transition of how the song changes at the point and then goes back to the original beat. I just feel ex/inactive Wonder Girls are just awesome when they make their comeback,  with Sunye being married and pregnant, I wonder how awesome her comeback to the idol world would be!


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