It’s Incredible – Xia Junsu Incredible MV

So Junsu is back with his second mini album entitled Incredible! Junsu release another single earlier off from the album entitled 11am but it seems this song is going to be the lead single off the album.

Okay so I’m glad Junsu is still getting such a diverse team of back-up dancers. I notice some people feel like it’s becoming too “Americanize” but I believe it’s a way for their company to reach out to their fans all over the world. Now onto importance parts of the music video. The music video looks like another great addition to summer releases  with this video taking place a summer pool party. In this music video we have Junsu singing on the bed alone with a blonde hair girl secretly taking pictures and then hiding whenever Junsu turns around, Junsu and back-up dancers dancing on the dance floor, back-up dancers dancing around the pool with Quincy chilling like he’s a life guard, and then Junsu in his golden sexy outfit singing to the girl that ends in a make out.

Okay in my personal opinion, I’m not feeling the red and gold outfits. When I see the red outfit, I feel like Junsu’s stylist must have pick out Hyuna’s outfit from What’s Your Name promotions. Seriously what’s up with the tights under the shorts that only comes to your knees. Not feeling that fashion right now. As for the gold suit, well….a golden suit just makes you look like a pimp. I’ll get you *Pinky’s number and we’ll call you Goldie.

Now the song overall, I love it. It’s so much better than 11am that Junsu release earlier which is a shame because I do love ballads release from JYJ and then olden days of TVXQ. Maybe it has to do with the instrumental that turned me away from the previous release. I felt that there was nothing to pull me in. The rap fit very well into the song. It seems Junsu just needs to the rap sections just to have a dance break.

Support Junsu with his new mini-album release entitled Incredible! Buy now on iTunes!


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