Falling in Love MV

So 2ne1 has made their comeback and release their MV yesterday. For you non-blackjack fans or just the casual fan who likes a good song once in a while (like me), you probably didn’t notice the similarity of the song and the first comeback performance of I Love You last summer. In the comeback performance, CL perform the intro song with a rap entirely in English. Well it seems they brought the beat back and used it in their latest single Falling in Love.

I like the summer feeling you get when watching the MV and just listening to the song itself. I’m not a fan of reggae music so I tend to stir away from those whose songs contain such instrumentals relating to that genre of music. I think this is the 2nd reggae style song I have like since God knows when. Now onto the so-so parts, Dara’s hair. I’m half-way down the middle with Dara’s new hair style. I like the blonde hair and everything BUT I feel like a better hairstyle might suit her better. I guess I’m still stuck on how awesome she looked with her head half shaved. No one as cute as Dara can pulled that off but her. Now Bom…why the blue contacts? I always 50-50 with those as well. Some girls can pulled it off and some can’t and some just pick the wrong color that day. In this case, I personally don’t think those contacts suited Bom. Minzy for a hot minute look liked she had a Nicki Minaj moment. I think she looks great with the pink wig sitting like a queen in the middle of pool of water. CL looks awesome as well and her rap is hot in this new song!

Support the artists by buying the single in your iTunes today!


2 thoughts on “Falling in Love MV

  1. daphne says:

    YG family doesn’t stop to amaze me. they always bring something new to these girls!. . the song is more relaxing with a happy tune. one thing that i could not stop figuring out is:what is CL’s hair color?… i so love it! i wanna have the same color done to my hair.

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