Go-Go-Go-Going Crazy! Is 4minute Popping (4Minute MV Review)

Woohoo my favorite female K-pop group is back with a new release! I saw this music video last night right before I went to bed….it’s a sign I need to stop sleeping with my ipad lol Smile. So the girls return with another sound produce by Brave Brothers. When I saw the preview with Sohyun (which magically disappear) I had no idea what we were really getting. The MV preview gave a bigger clue and I see the girls are finally using the jungle background that was shown in their comeback teaser pictures. Finally the music video has been release and I love this song. I do have some complaints about it  (well one really) but there is one that has been annoying me throughout the entire song. Now we here a woman singing “Going crazy,” and it’s okay in the beginning but throughout the song….it distracts listeners from the singers when it sounds so randomly place. And this complaint came from not wearing any headphones when listening to this song. I can’t imagine how annoy I will be when I finally put headphones in later. 

So what do I love about the song, vocal distribution. Yay for awesome leader Jihyun for getting to sing. Even though Hyuna is my bias, I feel bad the Jihyun gets put in the background a lot compare to the other girls. I must say this release is so much better than What’s Your Name. Now I do like What’s Your Name but when comparing the quality of the song and the music video, I ‘m kind of glad CUBE surprise us with this release. Hopefully we don’t have to wait forever for this release in the iTunes store.


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