C-ute MVs Review

This first song I’m going to review is Kanashiki Ame Furi (Sad Rainfall)
We get the usual Hello! Project formula in this music video, group shots, close-up solo shots, and dance shots. I like how the music video is set up like we are at a photo shoot so the girls have many different outfits, from normal everyday wear to drench rain coats. The sexy/cute posing that Hello! Project idols do isn’t awkward since the music video setting is suppose to take a photo shoot. I don’t know what it is but C-ute always seems to have the best music videos than other groups in Hello! Project. Throughout the music video we get shots of the girls wearing different outfits in different letter boxes which usually leads up to them being soak in rain and posing in a sad way. Overall the song is quite nice, I think Tsunku did a great job with the lyrics this time. It seems that C-ute tends to get more deep meaning lyrics compare to Morning Musume.
Now onto the next music video, the next music video release is entitled Adam and Eve’s dilemma.

I love how the two music videos are completely different from each other. in this music video the girls are wearing green outfits with slight leafy appearance to them. The background is white with leafs and apples. During the close-up solo shots, the girls are laying on a golden blanket surround by apples.

My thoughts on this single overall? Awesome! Most of the time I’v never satisfied with double-A singles since I rarely like both songs, I rarely like the coupling songs on the single and mini albums. I will actually be pre-ordering this single once it’s become available in iTunes.


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