Wow~ This is a new you!

So S/mileage release the second music video to their upcoming double A side single. I’ll admit, this second song is HOT! Especially those OL outfits. I won’t be reviewing the other song mainly because after one minute I lost interest completely compare to this song.

I read some of the comments last night and people were mainly complaining about music video and outfits being too sexy for the younger members. The only thing I can see is that the girls look more mature and I truthfully like this look better. Now the music video contains some of the usual Hello! Project elements: dance shots, solo up close shot, and model poses at the camera. The music video is not bad, it has a good mixture of light and dark shots of the girls and I think that is what appealing to me in the music video. Now back onto the debate….seriously I can’t find anything sexual about this music video other than the girls are showing their belly buttons which they do 90% at their concerts and other music videos. It seems that people are enjoying the J-POP and K-POP culture are going with stereotypes of what Koreans and Japanese are like from Western media. Please stop doing it. Support the artist, single will be release July 3!


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