What’s Your Name?

So the queens of K-pop is back!!!! I know this music video has been out since like the 25th but I have been real busy with work lately that I’m slow on staying on top of new releases. Now on to the music video/song review!!!!!!!

Okay, first let’s talk about the song in general. Now when CUBE mention was announcing 4Minute’s comeback for 2013, they mention that 4minute was going back to their Hot Issue and Muzik days. The thought I was getting, wow it’s going to be a club jam with possibly too much auto-tune. Luckily this new comeback single does is NOT full of auto-tune. As much as I love 4minute, I do get disappointed when the majority of the song is filled with auto-tune. While the songs does have a slight change in beat when it builds up to the chorus, I’m quite glad it hasn’t taken the route as so many other songs where I feel like I’m listening to 3-4 songs in one (example Girl’s Generation I Got A Boy).

Everyone sounds great and Hyuna’s rap are sounding powerful again! Girl, I totally miss those days when you sounded fierce. Jihyun sadly barely gets any lines in the song. Jihyun is a great leader and cares for her members that it’s sad to see her get pushed to the back more compare to the other members; however, a greater leader won’t complain (that’s what society says…..but we do).

Now onto the music video review. Now we got five member solo teasers and then a group teaser before the official release of the music video. I was super pump and I stayed super pump when CUBE finally released the music video on YouTube. I love how colorful and vibrant the music video is as well as the dance. My complaint with the music video? Damn zombies must be popular because they came out of now where! I think if you YouTube reactions to this music video, you will probably see everyone suddenly confuse when the zombies suddenly appear out of nowhere because the breaking news broadcast on their super mini TV really didn’t not say there is a zombie apocalypse (wow what a run-on sentence I just wrote). Also two crazy arguments I saw in the comments on YouTube must be address.

1) 4minute did not copy any other idol group’s style. For those who are new, I suggest you go back through their debut video (Hot Issue) and see for yourself.

2) T-ara is not the first idol group to use zombies, I can tell you are a noobie when you just talk about one group (who most recently had a scandal in the k-pop industry) meaning once again, you are a complete noob to not know T-ara used zombies (when it made even less sense) to pay tribute to Michael Jackson (Thriller).

So please, stop fan wars on the comment sections and support the artist by purchasing the new mini album in iTunes whenever it becomes available in your country.


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Name?

  1. Nyasha says:

    I wish they promoted Gimme That to be honest or Whatever even though that would have been taken in the wrong context.

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