Oops I did it again! (G.NA’s Oops MV)

CUBE’s female solo artist G.NA is back with a new mini album entitled Beautiful Kisses.

This lead single features Iihoon from BTOB although I must say that I feel Iihoon’s rap dominates most of song and should be Iihon featuring G.NA. Overall, I like the song better than her last two songs, especially 2Hot. Now on to the music video!

In the music video we have G.NA, BTOB rapper Iihoon, and actor Lee Do Young. The song is about having a romantic interest in a younger male. In the beginning of the music video, we see the lead actor just loving on his kitty and leaves for the day. The cat goes under the cover and behold, we have G.NA. Our cougar (G.NA) is now going around in her human form and booty shaking saying Oops! In the end of the music video, Do Young returns home to find his kitten waiting for him and he starts loving on him again. G.NA, are you trying to tell us you’re a cougar?


2 thoughts on “Oops I did it again! (G.NA’s Oops MV)

  1. NyNy says:

    It seems more of a duet and it’s quite a nice summer song but the booty shaking puts me off the MV. She’s lost so much weight as well.

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