Perfectly Sexy: C-ute’s Crazy Kanzen na Otona MV

Oh my gosh,how far behind am I on H!P news? I see the twitter feeds but it seems all these releases are catching up to me that I don’t even realize. So another H!P group is releasing a new single. This time it’s C-ute with Crazy Kanzen na Otona. When I first watched this video, it was the middle of the night when I got off of work and was too tired to really comprehend anything in the music video. Now I’m have re-watched the music video in the correct state of mind.

The girls looked great! Their customers remind me of the H!P winter 2007 performance with Goto Maki’s Some Boys! Touch. I forgot these girls are not kids anymore but are grown young adult women. I never been fan when Chisato had her hair short during their early stages but I must say Chisato with blonde hair is hot. Plus it seems Tsunku has been giving her more lines since her dance cover videos. Mai also looks great. The hair style really suits her. I feel like Maimi and Naki never really age. They really have youthful faces.  Suzuki Airi is kind of a mixture of looking mature and still youthful at the same time from her dance custom and the white outfit which makes her look like a younger teenager.

The music video has the girls dancing, posing, and pretending to put makeup on during solo close-up shots. The girls are dancing with a black background with CGI effects going in the background as well. At some points it seems distracting and a little over done. I like background with the light poles. It stands out yet it’s less distracting compare to the CGI background. The girls pose with light poles while looking innocently sexy. This is one issue I have with K-pop idols. K-pop idols goes from sexy to cute and sometimes it’s just really easy to tell when it’s fake but it’s quite natural in this music video.

The song is awesome. I already fell in love with on first listen even thought I was tired as hell from work. My problem with the song? It’s release on April 3rd meaning I have to wait almost a month to download it in itunes? The worst thing to like about a song is just having play the music video on youtube whenever you craze to listen to a song. When it comes to C-ute’s music, since their first indie single, it’s been really hard to disappoint me. Sure I have those times when I’m not really into their song but somehow I find myself purchasing the single through itunes months later down the road and just absolutely loved it.

Support the artist and please purchase the single. This upcoming single is release on April 3rd and comes in 5 editions, limited editions A-E and regular edition.

Limited A: CD Japan

Limited B: CD Japan

Limited C: CD Japan

Limited D: CD Japan

Limited E: CD Japan

Regular  : CD Japan

Single V : CD Japan


One thought on “Perfectly Sexy: C-ute’s Crazy Kanzen na Otona MV

  1. NyNy says:

    It’s alright. Was surprised at Saki dancing in the middle but then again, she is one of the best H!P kids dancers. I still like the song and dance. All the girls look beautiful but I still don’t know how to feel about Chisato’s hair colour, looks better in the MV though than when I saw that video of her and C-ute practicing for a concert.

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