Let’s Have A Party!!!!! Berryz Koubou–Asian Celebration MV Review

Berryz Koubou is back with a new single coming out in March. Sometimes I forgot these guys are Hello! Project Kids anymore and are now grown adult women. Risako especially has mature into a beautiful adult woman.

My biggest complaint about the video? Up-front just lacks of releasing music videos in in 720p but then again it is a Japanese market move to make fans buy the music video. Compare to the Korean music market, the Japanese music industry also incorporates the music video as a product as well which is why some companies such Avex, only releases a small segment of the music video online and users must purchase the full video by purchasing the CD+DVD package or download through iTunes.

Now on to the music video review. Is this Dakishimetex2 part 2? The music video just reminds of that with the disco ball, the DJaying, and dancing around with flashing neon lights. Miyabi’s spoken parts in the song reminds me of a stewardess on an airplane.  I don’t know why but I feel like we should be dancing on a plane. The vocal distribution is quite even. I mean sure Miyabi and Risako do get a little extra but the others more screen time in the music video compare to the usual. Captain! Seriously, I so glad you have grown out of your awkward teen years. Captain is such a beautiful woman. Miyabi’s hairstyle when dancing suits her quite well. Miyabi should style her hair a bit more because just wearing it straight short is just blah.

Sorry for the short review but I have the craziest schedule right now and just happen to see this music video the other night.

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One thought on “Let’s Have A Party!!!!! Berryz Koubou–Asian Celebration MV Review

  1. NyNy says:

    Nice post! In the case of this PV and styling, what were they thinking while they were doing Miyabi’s hair? And sometimes with those contacts, they just don’t suit her. Risako should have kept her red hair colour. Saki, Momoko, Maasa and Chinami look great especially Momoko who has her hair in a hairstyle that I have wanted her to have for ages (that or her hair down). Yurina looks alright.

    The song is alright but not appealing to me as the previous two were. It could have been so much better. Love the outfits though.

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