JaeRock!!!!!–Jaejoong’s Mine MV review!

Hey guys, I know the music video has been out for a while but I’m been busy finishing up some last minute things.

If have been following my blog for a while, I have always been a big TVXQ fan (as five members) and Jaejoong has reach number in my heart. When I first discover TVXQ, I really didn’t pay attention to Jaejoong mainly because he doing what SM told him to do, be the quite one. Thank goodness most of their concepts were drop because Jaejoong is hilarious when he starts talking. Now on to the song and music video review.

I liked to be tied up…

Okay let’s talk about the song first! When I first heard this song, I instantly thought of Japanese rock. This song is something quite easily fit into the Japanese rock scene if ever decided to used it on a Japanese album now that Avex lost battle of interfering with JYJ’s activities in Japan. Overall, I’m not a big rock fan but I find myself slowly warming up to the song. The main reason why I like it? It’s because it’s not your typical release you except from idols in South Korea. I had a discussion with an old friend I met in Japan and we talked about how sad it was to see the spilt but overall, the spilt was better for music wise. I feel like JYJ is able to express themselves even more through music compare to when they were in SM Entertainment.

I love the little piano solo in between the verses.It slows it down and then picks right back up again. Overall, I can see Jaejoong doing really well in the rock category. I feel like this song is a good rock song compare to what I see Korean idols have done in the past. If you’re going to go rock, go all the way.

Now onto the music video review! Now the music video is darker than what we typically see with K-pop idols but I will admit, while I’m not into the whole gothic style, I do love it when people pull it off very well. In the music video we see Jaejoong wear a diamond mask and the camera is not in clear focus of his face until the mask comes off. We see Jaejoong chained up and finally breaks free, which could resemble the JYJ members being previously bound to SM’s slave contact or we could just be really reading all the stuff that Korean music video directors like to add in music videos for no apparent reason. One thing before I close, I think Jaejoong might have a SM fetish that he keeps hinting to us. It’s okay Jaejoong, we know you like to be tied as we previously saw in Mirtoic (TVXQ) only this time, you got some leather. Have you been reading Fifty Shades Grey?

Okay guys as usual, support the artists.You can purchase the album at YesAsia. Coming soon to iTunes.


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