CUBE 2012 Overview + 2YOON’s Hoedown!!!!!

Hey guys, sorry this post was late. Life sometimes gets in the way.

One of favorite companies that houses the greatest K-pop Idols (in my opinion) is Cube Entertainment. There has been awesome releases in the year 2012. Let’s get an overview of for Cube and A-Cube Entertainment in the year 2012 as well peaking in Cube’s new subunit 2YOON!

Let’s start off with Trouble Maker! I know this group officially made their debut in December 2011 but they continue promotions until January 2012.

Goodbye Stage @ M!Countdown

After fans say goodbye to the sexy trouble maker duo, fans were greeted with a new 7-member boy band called BTOB. BTOB stands for born to beat. This 7-member boy band debuted with a double A-side single Insane and Imagine.

BTOB 1st single Insane.

Out of the two singles, only Insane got a music video release.

For A-Cube Entertainment, Mario releases Message. I’m not a huge fan of A-Cube artists and I’m not familiar with Mario’s releases. Another A-Cube Huh Gak releases LACRIMOSO.

For CUBE entertainment, the comeback we all have been waiting for in the year 2012 is 4minute. In April, 4minute came back with a new mini album with the song Volume Up as the lead single.

Ooooo sexy vampires

A Pink also makes their comeback with their first full length studio album. Hush was lead single off the album. After promotions for Hush ended, A pink promoted Bubibu as their next single.

Hush Hush Hush, you’re watching A Pink!!!!!

Rookie group BTOB comebacks with a single entitled Father. BTOB later re-releases their mini album Born to Beat with two new songs. One was Father which fans was treated earlier with a music video. The second song, Irresistible Lips (which is my favorite release form BTOB) was also included. Irresistible Lips also got a music video to help promote the Asia Special Edition of the mini album. The music video also stars one of the A Pink members.

After half a year has gone by, we finally get two more comebacks, female solo artists G.NA and 6-member boy band BEAST.  G.NA returns to the idol music scene with a new mini album entitled Bloom with 2HOT as the lead single. Also included in the album is an English version of G.NA’s debut single (the rap by Junhyung is still in Korean).

I’m a barbie girl, in my barbie world!

BEAST makes a comeback with a new mini album with Midnight release as the first single digitally making fans even more excited for their comeback. Finally after video teasers of the boys, they finally release the music video for Beautiful Night, their lead single off the mini album.

“Where are all the Asians?”–Simon from EYK

This music video for the comeback was film in New York showing the boys having fun and somehow popular with the American population that are not Asians……?

4Minute makes a comeback for Japan with the release of Love Tension which included a Japanese version of Volume Up. If you read my post on the music video and the single tracklist, do you know how happy I was that the entire single was in Japanese!?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

A-CUBE entertainment artists comes back one again with the release of Mayday but what got fans even more excited for the second comeback of the year for rookie group BTOB. BTOB comes back with a new mini alum entitled press play with the lead single being WOW. WOW has a 90s feel to the single.

Also the Queen of Dancing (in CUBE ENT.) Hyuna makes her solo comeback. Okay, at first we were getting reports of Hyuna’s comeback to have a Latin feel but in the end once again we a get sexy-cute concept…well a lot of sexy.


After Hyuna’s comeback in October and fans getting pump up for MAMA. CUBE fans (well female fans) get a treat by seeing a new male solo artists debut. Roh Ji Hoon debuted with Punishment and his sexy crotch dance.

Hey man, I have a wedgie!

Not only do we have one solo male artists but we got two.CUBE ends the year 2012 with Yo Seob’s solo debut. Yo Seob debuts with Caffeine as his lead single, which was produce by another fellow BEAST member.

After these amazing release in 2012, how can CUBE get fans excited once again. By announcing that they are finally debuting Gayoon and Jiyoon and calling them 2YOON.

Are we in Crawely Farms?

The song for me is alright  but every time I hear, I can’t help but think of Hannah Montana and the Hoedown song. Seriously I’m like, where the hell is Miley Cyrus when they said Boom Clap.


One thought on “CUBE 2012 Overview + 2YOON’s Hoedown!!!!!

  1. NyNy says:

    The only Cube song from 2012 that I replayed throughout the year was Volume Up.

    And with 2YOON, I wish they promoted Black Swan or Why Not.

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