Caffeine (카페인) MV

Hey guys, I had this on my macbook but I’m still learning the keyboard. I need to learn the shortcuts to copy and paste on that thing.

Okay now I’m back with my second review of the day with Beast’s Yoseop Yang’s debut song ‘Caffeine.’ Okay, when I first saw this music video I have just gotten off from work and when I leave that place I’m always going to sleep (whether it’s day or night) so my first impressions are kind of hard to remember.

Yoseop Yang’s mini album was produce by fellow member Junhyun (I’m believe I’m spelling it right). I personally don’t like the beginning of the song. The closer we get to the chorus of the song, the more it sounds like it’s put together. I feel like the beginning of the song is just really rough sounding. The dance in the music video is epic. I forget sometimes that Yoseop started out as a backup dancer during his trainee days (probably because he’s always being adorable).

Now on to the music video review.We got Yoseop drinking some coffee in the beginning remembering the past. Then we have him do some Harry Potter magic by floating in his boss comfy chair. Next to tell more about his pain of not being with her (yet still hating her because she’s not with him) we moonwalk across the bar top. His girlfriend must be a vampire but she is just smoking….literally. The girl shouldn’t let sunlight hit her is she is going to be all smokey. That will set the fire alarm off sweetie.

Now there is a line in the song I believe that’s basically him asking her why she is not with him. Well to answer your question….you got a little rough with her and Junhyung open and ready to comfort her. Applause for her for kicking him. Say no to abuse! Of course Yoseop goes “B%9tc# please.” and sets the suitcase on fire at the end.

My biggest complaint of the song. This is the second Korean song recently that pronounces the word “bad” as “bat.” Seriously all I’m hearing is “You’re so BAT to me.”


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