Berryz Koubou [WANT] MV

Berryz Koubou is back with their new music video. Before I even watch the music video my expectations just by the title, I was expecting a cutesy music video. The visual for the song is a cross between cute and sexy. And OMG, Momoko has no pigtails! Finally she has something less childish. Sorry but I feel like Momoko’s pigtail hairstyle encourage pedos since she still looks a child at age 20.

The girls look great in the music video. While the rolling music video set is cute with different rooms, its the girls’ outfit that makes them sexy.  Risako is probably the best looking one of the group. While I like Chinami and Captain more, Risako has really blossom over the years. I like that Risako’s voice has gotten huskier over the years. At one point in time, people commented on her “weight.” My opinion…..Risako has curves, that is an S-line kpop world!

Overall I like the music video and the way the camera shakes at certain parts of the song that goes with the choreography  The song is quite good as well. I’m hoping it makes it to the US iTunes store when it’s release. Last time I waited on a Berryz Koubou single, it was never release in the US store. Hopefully this one is release because I want this on my iPod.  Pre-order the single and support the group.

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