Hyuna will melt you down like ice cream. (Ice Cream Music Video)

So CUBE just release the music video to Hyuna’s new comeback single “Ice Cream” just a few minutes ago.

First let me talk about the song before I get into the music video. This song is so much better than bubble pop. While it still won’t top Change for me, I can imagine it getting on my top 25 most played playlist. Hyuna is not singing in a cutesy voice. She does have her powerful rapping moments.

Now onto the music video! PSY makes a brief cameo in the music video at the beginning. Basically he just sneaks in the ice cream truck and gets him so free ice cream.

The video is a mixture of sexiness and cuteness. We do get a bubble bath scene  and some spraying of ice cream on the guys. I don’t know about you guys but I can’t but feel that is just a little….let’s just go with dirty because I have a whole lot of things to say about that “ice cream spraying.” Also note to self: Korean drivers run over clowns! Seriously everyone is like “OMG she hit the clown!” and then go back to partying 5 minutes later.

The dance is awesome but I must say that I slightly disappointed with the break dance. I had to check the time bar on the MV just make sure I was in the middle of the song. While it’s still better than bubble pop, I thought we would get a better dance break.

What’s with the random signs in the music video. “Santa please forgive my crying,” “Everybody say H.A H.A H.A” “Don’t worry everything is okay",””Don’t not hurry you have 4minute,” “Batman he is gone,” “Tell me!!! Who I Am!!!”

There are more signs but I can’t fully read the whole thing. But seriously, the engrish is just haha. Another question, why is “ha ha ha” have periods in between each letter? The mini album is now out! It may be awhile before CUBE releases the mini album on itunes. I don’t understand why CUBE waits so late to release albums on itunes compare to other K-POP companies.


3 thoughts on “Hyuna will melt you down like ice cream. (Ice Cream Music Video)

  1. NyNy says:

    I quite liked Ice Cream 🙂 I feel like it should have been brought out during the summer but nevertheless I’m not too bothered because it’s alright and way better than Bubble Pop if you ask me. The beginning was nonsense but I have a feeling they put PSY there as a continuation story (?) of the two but still even if it was it doesn’t make sense at all…the rest of this mini album is forgettable to me.

    But I’m still waiting for 2Yoon subunit, really disappointed that they’ve been delayed for more than half a year. Cube needs to stick to their word.

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