Ice Cream Teaser

So CUBE finally release a teaser to Hyuna’s upcoming solo single “Ice Cream.”

Before I even watch the teaser, just the photo image of the video before you click onto the video my mind when into ,”Oh Lord, let’s prepare for the slut comment battle.” I’m just going to say before it comes out before I doubt this can top change. Seriously that song is still on my most played songs list (despite computer crashing a couple of months ago). However, I do believe I will like this better than Bubble Pop. We got Hyuna being sexy throughout 99% of the teaser and the only cute image we get of her is at the very end. But the bubble bath scene and the black suit she wears… I just feel like it probably doesn’t belong in the video and that’s probably where we are going to hear people complain with degrading comments. I’m not a fan of Girls’ Generation but I don’t bash them, I just go “hmmmm, not really feeling them,” but I guess it’s because they act “too cute.” I have no problem with Japanese girls doing it but I guess it’s the fact because it’s natural in Japan with all the overload of cuteness (like seriously I couldn’t buy gifts for people back at home without it being super cute).

Anyway the instrument…sounds awesome. *Crossing fingers* Here’s hoping we get a better song that bubble pop!


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