I don’t need a man MV release

Miss A finally releases their new music video. Also I’m typing this one my iPad so I’m hoping the posting of the music video goes well.

The song was not what I expected it to be nor was the music video. I was looking for something strong and powerful for such a title but I will say the song doesn’t disappoint. The best thing about Miss A music videos is that we get both Chinese and English subtitles on the day of the release. The chorus is addicting. I love it and the rap fits it great!

The girls look great. I’m kind of sad to see Min with short hair again. She looks great with extensions in her hair but at least we get a different color. Jia looks awesome rocking her jet black hair. I almost didn’t recognize Suzy and Fei. Fei seems so much younger in this music video while Suzy appears to have this mature adult woman charm. Ahhh our baby is growing up! Special guest was made by Jia’s dog whose name I can not remember. Also I know it’s so natural that we always assume its there but…..JYP doesn’t whisper in this song.


One thought on “I don’t need a man MV release

  1. NyNy says:

    A lot of people were expecting something fierce from miss A. Honestly, I was too but this suits miss A because it’s cute, R&B style and quite nice.

    Like you said it’s good but were people expecting something mind blowing and amazing? Because let’s face it, they are a K-Pop group with not much choice of what song they get to choose for their comebacks and what to do in their MV’s. The K-Pop industry is way too controlled for us to get something out of it good that we want all the time.

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