Independent Women In The House~!

So I’m like a day late with this news, mainly because I was preparing the upcoming test for little freshies next Monday!

Anyway, Miss A releases a studio teaser to their new and upcoming mini album Independent Women Pt 3. This is suppose to be a play off of Destiny’s Child’s song from their third album I believe. For those who are who born in the late 90s or just not a R&B fan, Independent Women was the theme song to the live action movie Charlie’s Angels starring Lucy Lui, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz. Part two was release on Destiny’s Child’s album. 

Miss A has  been teasing up with the upcoming mini album with images along with little quotes saying independent they are and they don’t need a man. Now here is the video preview for the upcoming single entitled: I don’t need a man.

On a quick side note, the beat is awesome but I don’t want to make judgments until I hear the song. For all I know, this could be the intro on the mini album.


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