Oppa is Just My Style MV Release!

Continuing with the Gangnam Style craze, Psy releases a new music video featuring 4Minute Hyuna.

If you are looking at the like/dislike counter bar along with the comments, the main issue people have is with Hyuna and their never ending hate. I never understand why people have issues with idols, especially K-pop idols. Just dislike the group or don’t watch anything featuring them. It’s quite simple. According to the youtube description, Hyuna’s version was discuss during filming of Gangnam Style.

Okay the only disappointment we should really have is that the second music video isn’t as funny as the first one. Seriously, comparing both music videos…it’s a disappointment. Now, as for the chipmunk voice, I call that editing. Seriously, it was too high and cutesy. A lot of people just lack the knowledge about the production work of a song hence our ignorant comments we post on youtube. Also people, Hyuna was in the original music video, hence her having a female version of Gangman Style. Also one more thing……who decided that having a high cutesy voice in the song would song great. I love Hyuna because she is my favorite member but I just really wanted to know who went made this decision? This version hasn’t been release in itunes yet but I’m sure it’s available in Korean digital music stores. You can most likely purchase this version in the YG Music Store. What do you think of this version?


2 thoughts on “Oppa is Just My Style MV Release!

  1. NyNy says:

    I’m not hating on Hyuna, it’s just her voice that made me wonder why I spent 3mins watching the video. So many of my friends who love her say it’s because her voice is supposed to make people laugh but it really gets annoying after a couple of seconds.

    Psy was really smart to get Hyuna to be a part of his MV to attract attention but to make another version, I don’t think so. And like you said, it’s not as funny as the first one.

    I was hoping it would be but with it’s focus more on Hyuna, it was bound to be more sexy than funny.

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