Buono!–Never gonna stop!

Look at me doing two posts in one day! So Buono! is finally back to end the summer with a new upcoming mini album release. The lead track off the mini album is 「Never gonna stop」Never gonna stop still keeps the idol rock sound that Buono! has been know for.

In the music video, the girls are sitting around a table having fun and a second round of Jinga. For those of you who are new to Buono! or just have a bed memory, Buono! played Jinga in one of their previous singles (Gachinko de Ikou!!). As in the usual J-pop formula. We have our dance shots, close-ups, and the usual special scenes, but there is something special at the end. The close-up shots are done outside which is really nice for a change. The dance shot is done in the same room where the girls are having fun. Basically the furniture is just moved along with having some better lightening. Now for the special ending I was talking about; Buono! looks a photo album that contains pictures from their trip to Paris. One of the photos starts showing footage from the trip to Paris such as the photo shoot for the book and the concert at Moulin Rouge. After showing all the footage from Paris, it ends with Buono! members sleeping (which totally reminds me of Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!). On a side note, is Buono! promoting pizza-la in their music video?


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