So 4Minute is back once again this year with new original Japanese song!!!! I’m glad they decided to go with a brand new song rather than just remaking their Korean hits (although I don’t mind if it is couple with the a-side – as long as it is in Japanese). Before I get started on this the track list itself, let’s talk about the MV.

4Minute’s Japanese pronunciation has improved so much since their Japanese debut. 4Minute debuted in the Japanese market with a Japanese version of their hit song Muzik. The Japanese pronunciation in Muzik was so awkward sounding that I felt people who don’t even know Japanese sounded better when singing the song. It seems lately that Korean companies don’t care about letting their artist learn enough Japanese to really interact with the fans because most K-pop groups now have either one person speaking the language or an interpreter.

The girls look gorgeous in this music video.I’m really glad 4Minute use a sexy concept for both their Korean and Japanese comeback. Seriously I wasn’t feeling the cute image of 4Minute when comes to their music. The dance is pretty simple and interacts with the diamond CG effect. I disappointed with the a dance break but the plus side we get to see a different member shine. Most solo dance breaks are done by Hyuna (most favorite member) and then in I My Me Mine we had Jiyoon. Still waiting for Leader (Jihyun) to shine since she actually studied ballet and is the most flexible of the members. I doubt we would ever see Gayoon being a lead dancer for simple fact is she lacks being in sync and seems bored whenever they do dances for TV shows.

My most favorite outfit from the MV has to be the suits! Sohyun and Jiyoon has the best suits in my opinion. I think the outfits suit all the girls but hands down, Sohyun and Jiyoon look the best! Hyuna, you are looking lovely being more mature instead of the overly done sexy image. The girls also wear a cutesy outfit in the MV. All the outfits look great except for Hyuna’s outfit. It totally makes her look like a pregnant woman.

Now onto the track list.


2. VOLUME UP (Japanese Version)

3. LOVE TENSION (Karaoke Version)

4. VOLUME UP (Karaoke Version)

CUBE, you are finally getting the hint! I have no problem with people remaking their song in another language but I wish it wasn’t done so often. In their last Japanese single we get a Japanese version of Sweet Suga Honey. This is the second time (out of 8 singles) we don’t get a Korean track coupling along the single. While Japanese version of I My Me Mine and FIRST / dreams come true have Japanese songs, they still tack on their Korean songs. I felt CUBE was making no effort. Attach you Korean hits but remake in Japanese if your going to do it. I’m going to finish my rant because I have class in the next hour so I must get going. Everyone please check out the MV and if you like the song, please purchase the single. LOVE TENSION is set to release August 22!





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