Wonder Girls–Nobody for Everybody JAPAN DEBUT!

So I’m finally back! YAY after a long hiatus I finally found the time the time to come back. So today I’m brining you the news of Wonder Girls 1st Japanese single Nobody for Everybody which is just a remake of their hit Korean single Nobody.

So compare the Korean and English music video, this video doesn’t really have a story line but the timeline in all three music videos is the same. The Wonder Girls are flying in their private jet and then we the other half of the fake plane come down. The girls walk out and paparazzi are everywhere and then the girls walk onto a stage and start singing the Japanese version of Nobody. The Wonder Girls as usual when it comes to vocals sounds great, but as usual there is that awkward accent when singing in another language other than your own.

So Sohee and Yubin sound great and accent is not really as strong compare to the other three. This is the first time I am hearing Lim singing any version of Nobody so it is really hard to compare since original Sunmi sung both the Korean and English version of the single. Yenny and Sun really had to stretch some words to fit in there and it just sounded awkward.  Overall, it’s a good single but I feel JYP over used this song a little too much. Seriously we have a Korean, English, Chinese, and now Japanese version of this song. If I was a member of this group I would totally failed because I would end up forgetting which version I was singing. Sometimes people should stop after number two. This includes movies and songs….please never make a third version…it’s a little downhill after that.


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