Rooftop Prince

Despite only taking 9 hours of graduate classes, I was quite ill this semester. My last post was in January when MBLAQ made their comeback with This Is War.  March was a difficult month for me considering not only was I having some painful back problems but I also got my wisdom teeth taken out and I learn that I cant take penicillin which led to me catching a cold just a day after I quit taking my antibiotics. Finally I’m back and lately I have been watching a bunch of dramas. The lastest one I finish is Scent of a Woman. Beatiful drama….reminds me of last holiday except this girl really is schedule to die. I tried watching Protect the Boss since JYJ member Jeajoong stars in the drama. However, I’m still on episode 8 so it’s going to take a while for me to finish the other half.  I’m currently really into Rooftop Prince which also stars JYJ member Yuchun.  Yuchun has always been a good actor and maybe that’s why I’m hook. Now that I remember , JYJ member Junsu made a camo appearance in Scent of a Woman. So maybe I’m really into JYJ rnow now.

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