Hey Guys…

Hey guys with the semester starting and my work schedule changing a little bit, I have neglected blogging since MBLAQ’s lastest mini album release. I’m currently suffering some back pain issues and my medications is making me sleepy despite me asking for the one’s that does not make you sleepy but all three of them have side effects of making you drowsy. It sucks big time. Anyway, I doubt I will be back this month because I have a paper due next week and the week after that I have a midterm in one my classes. After those two weeks I have to get three of my wisdom teeth out. After that break I have two projects coming up but hopefully I be able to a least get a blog in. I have a bunch of posts on my old computer but just neglected to transfer them over to my new laptop. I hope I will be able to get back in blogging soon with a Blog translation since I’m starting my JLPT studies.


– Strawberrie


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