MBLAQ’s 타이틀곡 ‘전쟁이야 (It’s War) MV

So MBLAQ in 2012….still hot as they were in 2011. MBLAQ has just release the music video to their upcoming 4th mini album 100% Ver. The music video includes a story line with Thunder, Joon, and some girl. The story basically is Joon is getting ready to assassinated the girl but then he sees someone in the car so he takes off to chase the girl and another man. The girl is shot in the shoulder and the guy is killed. Meanwhile, Joon takes care of the girl and then goes out to the junkyard practicing shooting with some special silver bullet that curves around (it’s important at the end). Then Thunder rolls in the video. He starts off looking for someone in the junkyard, have no idea what he is doing and then he starts taking care of the girl. They basically fall in love with each other and Joon walks in on a tender moment. Angry, he drags the girl out to the junkyard and then Joon and Thunder have a little fist fight until he brings out the gun. The girl throws herself in front of Thunder and Joon fires the gun. In slow motion the music video reveals that it’s the special silver bullet. As it curves around, tears are shown to come out of Joon’s eyes. The bullet ends up hitting Joon on the right side of his neck. Shock, Thunder and the girl run to Joon and basically watches him die.

So now it’s time to review the song. The song is close to a ballad but not quite there. Mir’s rapping skills are just awesome in this song and it fits so well in the song. I’m glad Thunder is able to shine a little bit more than the usual. A new trivial of MBLAQ for the year of 2012. Did you know that Thunder’s vocals are not on MBLAQ debut mini album? The vocals are actually done by a former member and Thunder joined in the last minute; however, all live vocals was done by Thunder. Support the artist by buying the mini album on YesAsia. Sadly, Mnet does not allowed downloads outside of Korea anymore so there is no way to easily support them digitally (Korea does better in digital sales than physical). If there is legal digital website for K-pop purchases I will post about it as soon as I figure it out.

YesAsia: Mini Album Only | Mini Album + Poster in Tube


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