Trouble maker is just too sexy and You Know It!

Sooooo when I first heard the news of Trouble Maker I was like “Oh cool release featuring the awesome Hyuna of 4minute!” Then my next thought was, “Damn, more haters are going to be B***".” However, I didn’t really know Hyunseung (BEAST) but after looking at a few videos on youtube, it seems he was on an audition show for Big Bang but wasn’t chosen in the end. He also seems to have the most feminine features but despite this, the boy can dance. CUBE finally unleashes the MV and it’s HOT. The whistling is soooo addicting that I’m bought ready to make it my ringtone hehe. Before I post the MV, did anyone see the MAMA performance by BEAST and Trouble Maker. An orchastra version was played first along with a provactive dance and steamy kiss by Trouble Maker and then back to the original score of Fiction. It’s awesome. Plus Hyuna won an award for best solo dancer and BEAST won the award for best performance. YAY! GO CUBE! Check out the MAMA performance and the MV. Support the unit and buy the mini album! It’s completely awesome. I was going to use up all my won on mnet to buy the mini album but not Korea is restricting their music and now foreigners outside of Korea cannot download Sad smile. Not to sound mean but I want to either spend my 2,400won or get a refund because it’s not going to sit there and never be used.


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