So I had this review on my phone but completely forgot about it until I started watching the music video on my iPod touch.  So 4Minute is releasing a new Japanese single.  I believe this is their 6th if I’m not mistaken.  Anyway here is the music video….

So what I like … it’s an original!  Seriously no more remakes.  Also leader completely shine in this MV. Hyuna is my bias but sometimes a little less of her is sometimes a good thing. However I’m disappointed that no rap was included in this song. Everyone got pretty much equal amount of screen time. Someone from allkpop actually count the time and Hyuna actually came in second so no Hyuna hating people!!!!  The song turned out better than I thought it would.  Due to my car accident draining most of my bank account, I will unfortunately be going digital with this release like I did with Heart to Heart (Japanese Ver. ). Its a good thing I still have money in my iTunes Japan account.


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