Why I only lurk on some sites.

So I’m having issues lately with the Sims 3. Seriously, it’s super buggy compare to Sims 1 and Sims 2. I’m getting a script error, the launcher crashes, and the sims3packs I’m paying for is not installing or failed to install. Sooooo, I’m search for the answer. I come across once again More Awesome Than You! I just HATE this site in general because they are a complete B**** when it comes to NOOBS. I have never made an account because if you asked for help for something, everyone acts all high and mighty and then totally b***** you out if you can’t “properly” find things.

So, I’m trying to find the answer to the script, well I go on Sims 3 official forums. Well Sims 3 website is having problems. I swear I can’t use the search forums because  everytime I do, it’s always down for matience. And when someone answers my question it’s like, where are you seeing this problem, it’s quite obvious that if I’m seeing a script error, it’s an internet error since the game uses the internet. DUH still no answer from previous threads to solve this issue so I move on to the store items not installing issue. And….I don’t sign up for a reason because 90% of the time you will see this answer: NOOB it’s been answered search better, can’t use the search form, quit being stupid and use this program, if you can’t used it then you are stupid. Okay my reponse to a bunch of jackasses.

  1. Once you hit 20+ pages….. who the hell wants to read 50 pages looking for an answer.
  2. If they asking it once again, there is a forum thing called quote. Quote it then say something smart… don’t be an ass because you can be. If that person is still asking, it A) doesn’t work or B) they REALLY CAN’T FIND IT!!!!!
  3. Sometimes… someone’s directions are not the best, pictures are probably better.
  4. If something is not working… it’s probably time for an update or someone is having trouble because such programs are probably TOO ADVANCE

I’m myself have no idea howto get this program install because no matter what I do…. I get an error message. So I’m going to e-mail EA which will probably take a year to answer, to see if they can solve my problem.

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