Seriously Netizens are delusional

So 4minute’s 5 second leg spreading is too sexual for viewers however the new girl group is practically allowed hump throughout their song. I can’t stand it that people are demanding they change that one small part that only lasts 5 seconds because it’s awkward to watch it for the family yet the girl group Rania is allowed the practically be one step from a sex show?

The girl group allowed the hump the stage continually
The girl group that netizens demand they change the dance that only last for 5 seconds.

2 thoughts on “Seriously Netizens are delusional

  1. Rosemary says:

    Though I also don’t find it right to make them change that short scene, I think the reason why there’s more of an outcry against 4minute’s video is BECAUSE of the fact that they’re not new. They have had more exposure as a “cleaner” group (though I don’t know, I always thought they had pretty sexy moves before too), so to say, than RANIA, who seems to just be advertised clearly as like a sex product. So when a ‘controversial’ move is introduced into an otherwise not-so-controversial group, then there’s much more of an uproar, especially if there’s not that much. In fact, the less there is, the more of an uproar. That being said, really love 4minute’s new video!

    • strawberrie says:

      Wow, I didn’t know anyone reads this blog this. Thanks for the comment 🙂 . Anyway I think it’s not that bad at all. Another example where netizens complain was BoA’s two second leg spread in Copy & Paste. It’s was even that bad but I don’t know about Korean netizens anymore. I’ll just be upset if Cube really gives in and changes that 5 seconds of dance that people could just ignore it but oh well, I guess that’s life.

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