Mirror, Mirror on the wall…isn’t 4Minute too Hot to touch?

4minute reveals the title track off their 1st album "4Minutes Left.”  I will forgive CUBE for the fugly cover, I mean it looks like they were wearing sweaters grandmas hasn’t given them at Christmas. Anyway I must say that at first I was like WTF… the song at first listen sounds like it’s all over the place.

Good Points and Bad Points:

1. 4minutes left at the beginning sounds awesome; however, people are saying it sounds like 4minute slut. Seriously people because someone else said it sounded like it your going to keep listening for it. So please think of it as 4minute left and then you will hear the sound a little bit more and notice that the left is really cut short.

2. Before they get to the Mirror, Mirror part. It’s sounds horrible at first like the song is all over the place but after a few listens to and once you get the translation it kind of slides right in however I wish something cooler could have fitted in there.

3. Hyuna is just too damn sexy throughout the music video. Seriously. I love Hyuna but CUBE loves to point out Hyuna is the sexy member of the group but she is not rapping?! Blasamphy. While Jiyoon is good, I think it would require a duo (well there kind of is before it’s un-noticeable the first time you listen to it but still it’s mainly Jiyoon with a phrase or two from Sohyun). I miss Hyuna’s deep voice from Wonder Girls.

4. Leader’s hair done right! So naturally beautiful so haters quite hating. Because she wore some nice outfits…her bust was finally notice and some haters started saying surgery. People…there is a miracle invention invented long ago called the push-up bra. I think netizens are jealous that CUBE has girls with nice busts…who knows.

Okay enough rambling, some pictures please!

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