4Minute Teasers–Lead Track Heart to Heart?

So 4minute has been releasing daily teasers to lead up to their big comeback since like almost a year ago. Their last last comeback was May 19,2010 (I remember this because it’s said in the beginning of Invitation). So

The solo member teasers seems to be more of the whole concept of the album together which I think many people of allkpop probably failed to understand. Some probably due since the album is title Steal 20 probably more of an “adult” feel. The video music video preview that was release today feature Hyuna and CNBlue member Jungshin.

Solo Member Teasers: Each of the solo member teasers concluded with the message, “Mirror, Mirror who’s the prettiest in the world?”


“When I turned 20, I thought that the whole world would become mine. My thought wasn’t wrong. The world is cheering at me. Is it waiting for me? Right now I’m just one whole world.”

Ji Yoon

“Did I ever show all of my charisma? Charismatic me, beautiful me, I wasn’t able to show it all. I will show it all now, my new charisma, wait for it.”


”My image in the mirror, it’s not the same everyday. What I’ve shown of myself so far, it’s not everything. A secret that I only know, hidden deep within me, I will now show it.”


“Until now I’ve never shown my tears to anyone, when sad, when having hardships, even when lonely, I’ve held it all in. But now I don’t want to hold it in, I want to honestly show my feelings. 20 years old, I’m going to laugh and cry as much as I want.”


“I became an adult as soon as I knew my inadequacies and greed. I became an adult when I found out what love and pain was. Before I turned twenty, I became twenty.”

Heart to Heart MV Preview:

The title track is called “Heart to Heart“, and the MV teaser hints at a sweet turned sour relationship between member HyunA and bad boy CNBLUE’s Jungshin.–allkpop

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