Event V

Here is Buono!’s first event video release. Thanks to Nayoko-Kihara @ JPM for the tip.

1. 雑草のうた(嗣永桃子 Solo”Beauty”Ver.)
2. 雑草のうた(夏焼 雅 Solo”Beauty”Ver.)
3. 雑草のうた(鈴木愛理 Solo”Beauty”Ver.)
4. 雑草のうた(Live at the Garage Ver./feat.嗣永桃子)
5. 雑草のうた(Live at the Garage Ver./feat.夏焼 雅)
6. 雑草のうた(Live at the Garage Ver./feat.鈴木愛理)
◆品番: TGBS-5751
◆価格: ¥2,000(税込)
(ᏞᎾᏆᏆᎥᎬ ♫ ⋆ at H!O)

To tell you the truth, I actually like that Buono! wasn’t releasing any event Vs while under Pony Canyon. Not that their videos aren’t good but I don’t particularly care for solo videos. If it’s an exclusive video like another edition than sure but I think I would YouTube this release. It’s cool though that H!P is announcing them before they release them so you can decided if it’s worth it.


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