Happy B-day Jejung!!!

Normally I wouldn’t forget this but this issue is, I can’t remember what the dates. I won’t be able to get track of the date until Valentine’s Day…. by the time I get used to writing 2011 on all my papers it will be 2012 and I’ll probably be a broke graduate *knocks on wood hoping I haven’t jinx myself…probably I have one student loan to pay off after I graduate*

Happy 25th (or 26th if you’re counting by Korean years – age 1 starting in the womb) B-day Jejung… I totally forgot the other half of TVXQ release the Japanese version of Why (Keep Your Head Down) today. Some people thinks it delibrate I think it’s because it’s a Wednesday and it was given enough time to promoted the Korean activities before moving back into the Japanese market. Sorry my love for TVXQ is slowly being drawn to MBLAQ since this whole mess has been going on.


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