Stay, I never left!

So I’m totally fan girling with MBLAQ over the past year since TVXQ isn’t together for the moment. They release a new music video yesterday but I was busy trying to understand my PSY 499 capstone to blog about it. Okay so they look totally hot in this music video as well♥ and I think the dance is quite powerful. MBLAQ seems to have an even balance kind of other kpop groups like TVXQ, Wonder Girls (when So Hee is using her deep voice it’s awesome!), 4minute (same with Hyuna…use the deep voice… it’s awesome), and KARA. Problem with the release. Itunes doesn’t have it so I had to reload 5,000 W last night on my mnet account. And didn’t know that some releases by SM Artists (including AVEX because SM has the rights to distributed) was gray out because of the whole Girls’ Generation and Gee thing. I told you guys, that girl group is overrated. Anyway support the guys on mnet and or buy the awesome album at YesAsia!


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