Keep Your Head Down MV Release!!!!!

Note: Apparently SM is being a butthole and only allows the MV to be played on certain sites so I’m uploading the MV with English Subs. To watch a full HQ version then click on the “watch on youtube” button in the first video.

So I’m sure everyone has seen this but I spent most of the day trying to fix my internet and really only had my phone to know of this news. So why I like the concept and the song…there is only one thing that bothers me….it looks soooooo empty. When I listen to JYJ’s album sometimes I feel some of their songs could have been better with the other two adding in their vocals but I do hope that TVXQ reunite someday…. even if it’s a one time performance when we are all old LOL. What do you guys think?

MV with English Subs

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