Yes Captain is Getting One Too!

So it was announced on her serend blog that she will be releasing her first photobook next year! Not only are we getting a photobook release but we are also getting a solo DVD as well. I can’t wait to watch it. Not all the H!P Kids are getting a photobook. Sadly the 8th generation doesn’t have one and sadly we will not being seeing one for Junjun and Linlin. If Aika gets one then I have hope for future generations. I remember photobooks were release for all the generations of Musume but it stop when Aika join. I wonder what will Junjun and Linlin will be doing when they go back to China. Oh well, I’m hoping to purchase the limited edition Wani cover of Chisato’s photobook but I don’t know if it will be in a nice price range for me seeing how worthless the dollar is everyday.


Oh here is the announcement for the photobook and dvd


Big News. Next year Jan. 12 it has been decided to release my first solo photobook and dvd! Suprise? Everyone please look forward toward it!


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