I’m back with happy oricon rankings!

So I’m finally back. Still getting used to this laptop so sorry for not doing any blog translations for the past two weeks.

Anyway some Oricon (DAILY) rankings:

1. Beginner (AKB48) – I enjoy AKB48 here and there. This song is awesome and totally deserves the number spot with 568,095 copies sold.

4. Girls’ Generation (Shojo Jidai in Japan) comes in at Number 4 with Gee (a remake of probably one of the three songs I like from them).

6. Morning Musume comes in at number 6 with their special single. Pretty good seeing it’s not an official. Sadly it didn’t beat Girls’ Generation. If you don’t know but now Girls’ Generation is one kpop group I find vastly overrated but this a reason why I don’t saw anything at allkpop because it will turn into an anti-SNDS (or whatever the abbreviation is).

18. FIRST (4Minute) – So proud of them. 4minute is a group I can’t hate because the songs are always number one hits in my mind but despite their awesome stage presence they get usually get the short end of the stick but this is so much better than their last ranking. It’s Tohoshinki all over again. They will (hopefully) work hard to get to the top!


Sorry not pictures because I don’t have time. I have 5 minutes to get to class!


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