H!P Blog Feature #2: Erika-chan!

Well I decided to do it on a former H!P member so please enjoy. Remember I’m still studying Japanese so translations are not always 100% correct.  Also I think this is the last time I use gifs in blog translations, I forgot girls love to use these in Japan. I should have remember my e-mails from my Japanese friends (and the other ones that got carry away with it).


Mini Starbucks Card

I finally got it

I’m so happy

Furthermore! In the upper left corn on the mini size card there is a hole for mobile strapsI will use it

At the register I don’t have to pull out my wallet! It’s very convenient!

Because I go to Starbucks often I wanted it~!

I can also charge it!

For those who frequently go to Starbucks I put the url!


Right I’m with my friend at the cafe! I am eating french toast! (laugh)


See you soon



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