I’m buying the dvd despite my budget

So I’m just browsing the internet and come across this video from C-ute’s concert. One word = AWSOME!!!! Everyone has a solo. I took the special medley set list from Hello-Online although it wasn’t really clear on who really sang and who was the back up dancers.

9. Special dance medley:
– Kiiroi Osora de BOOM BOOM BOOM (Kiiori  5) – Yajima Maimi
– Uchuu de La Ta Ta (TC Bomber) – Okai Chisato
– Seishun no Custard (Ongaku Gatas) – Nakajima Saki
– SHALL WE LOVE? (Gomattou) – Suzuki Airi
– CRAZY ABOUT YOU (Minimoni) – Hagiwara Mai
– GET UP! Rapper (SALT 5) – ALL












So when this is available for order…I’m heading to YesAsia because I’m sure I will have my $5 coupon by then and will order this and Morning Musume’s newest concert DVD. Aww hopefully I will have time in the future to watch them seeing this is my senior year in college.


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