4minute’s 3rd Japanese Single + plus other rants…

I love 4minute, especially their Korean songs. I guess I love them too much because despite the horrible Japanese version of Muzik I decided to give it another with their second single I My Me Mine (Japanaese Version). There were some improvements but I think they could have done better without the autone and lipsyncing because to me and probably the Japanese auidence it’s like their not even trying. Anyway I got my new releases from artist e-mail and it seems 4minute is really another single. It sounds like we finally won’t get a Japanese version of a Korean hit song. I’m tired of girl groups re-making their song. Kara with Mister (plus Honey and Wanna), Brown Eyed Girls with Abracadabra, Girls’ Generation with Genie, and 4minute with Muzik plus I My Me Mine.

Their 3rd single is a double A-side single which will contain a dance song (new original Japanese song) and a Japanese version (boo!) of Dreams come true to some Korean drama I haven’t heard of nor watch it yet. There will be 3 editions, both limited A and and B will contain a DVD and first press bonus with have a trading card (always never get the one I want) and regular edition you just a first press bonus trading card (I bet the Hyuna ones are in there). No info on what the DVD contains but it usually contains live performances of 4minute’s activity in Japan so I’m going to guess it’s going to be an I My Me Mine performance and probably some Korean performance of Huh….just taking a guess about it.

Sorry I ranted more than info hehe (^w^)


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