I My Me Mine! Full MV Release

It seems like all my posts are now are becoming about kpop isn’t it. Sorry about that but right now I’m a mission and my next one is to collect the next item I want and buy frames for it so look for that upcoming post. Anyway 4Minute has release the full music video to I My Me Mine. I’m so loving the MV. I have stuck with 4Minute ever since I heard Hyuna was re-debuting in this group and Hot Issue was great debut song and I have been digitially buying their mini-albums from mnet (except I haven’t downloaded Jingle Jingle or Outlaw in the Wild). The song is available on mnet so you can download it their. They do allow people from foreign countries to sign up and use a credit card to download and its really cheap I mean you are paying like  45 cents (600 won) in American money per song which is better than 200 yen (150 yen) or 1.29 (0.99) which we usually pay in digital music stores.


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